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The restaurant adv. says "Challenging your taste buds". It is certainly an interesting way to put it, but to that we would add "and your health and patience"! This is worst restaurant we have ever been to. It will be difficult to say how old the food was as it seemed very old. Salad had rotten cucumber and eveything else had heated over and over taste and look. We were told by the waitress that there was a to-go box for $5.99 veg, $6.99 nonveg and it was posted on the window too. Later when we went to pay, they told us that the price was by weight and not by what you can fit in the box. When we told her that this was not mentioned to us before, she did not even care to listen to us and said that this is how it is in all restaurants.Also the waitress did not know how to use the scale to weight the to-go box. Her weight scale said "31.2" which means 31.2 oz which is approximately less than 2lbs and she told us that it is 3.12 lbs. the manager came to help the waitress use the scale, and finally decided to give us the boxes at the listed price ($6.99 each for two boxes). Adding tax, she somehow came to a final total of $19.60! Not even Chicago has a sales tax of 40%. At that point however, we were frustrated and just decided to accept it and leave. We love eating Indian food and feel that this kind of restaurant are giving a bad representation to the ethnic food.
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