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Bharatanatyam dance classes - mythili dance academy, peoria
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About Bharatanatyam dance classes - mythili dance academy, peoria:
pre>pre>About Bharatanatyam classes: Rama Suresh, the Artisitic Director of Mythili Dance Academy in Peoria teaches Bharatanatyam, Indian classical dance to adults and kids 4.5 years and above in the Peoria, Springfield and Bloomington areas. Please contact Rama at for more information on taking Bharatanatyam dance classes from the academy. Mythili Dance Academy – School of Bharata Natyam, founded in 1992, and having completed 20 glorious years of providing instruction to several students is one of the oldest and premier institutions of Bharata Natyam in Peoria, IL. Rama Suresh, the Artisitic Director of Mythili Dance Academy teaches the Tanjavur style of Bharata Natyam which is characterized by its grace and vigor. Several of the students have had their solo dance debuts (arangetram) and have performed in India and the USA and have won several Illinois Arts Council grants, awards and recognition. All students at Mythili Dance Academy participate in at least 3 - 4 dance recitals annually. The Mythili Dance Academy orchestra comprising of professional musicians from India provide live accompaniment for all arangetrams (debut performances) performed by the students from the academy. Classes are divided into three categories, beginning, intermediate and advanced. Please contact Rama for more information. About Rama Suresh: Rama is a leading exponent of Bharatanatyam. A very talented danseuse, she brings alive the classical traditions of the dance, sensitively nuanced with a creativity that imbues relevance and meaning to this art form in its current age. Taught by renowned Gurus Thanjai M. Arunachalam Pillai and Thanjai M.Vasudevan Piillai, direct descendents of the Tanjore Quartet, and steeped in the traditional Thanjai performing format for well over 30+ years of her dance career, Rama’s mission is to bring this art form to a wider audience without losing it's aesthetic and cultural integrity. Rama has performed in several countries and has been the recipient of government grants from the Sangeeth, Natak Academy in India which gave her the opportunity to tour India and perform her choreography of the dance drama “Shakunthalam” which received critical acclaim nationwide. Rama is also an empanelled Master Artist with the Illinois Arts Council and Grade “A” artist with the Indian National Television - Doordarshan. In recognition of Rama’s unparalleled devotion to Bharatanatyam, she has been conferred with several prestigious awards and titles, prominent among them being, the 'Natya Mani' in 2005, conferred by the Tamil Nadu Government, India. Rama has also produced “Ananda Natana Prakasham” - a dance CD, that comprises several Bharatanatyam dance songs to help benefit the upcoming dancers. In addition to her credit as a performer, Rama is also a revered teacher. In her capacity as a teacher for over 2 decades, she has brought to stage several dancers who have completed their Arangetrams (debut performances) and have emerged as teachers in their own right. Rama continues the century old tradition of passing on this divine art form to the next generation by identifying and training students who have the dedication and passion for this art form, thereby extending the frontiers of Bharatanatyam towards new horizons.
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